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What Does An Implant Cost?

What Does a Dental Implant Cost?

Even when only replacing a single tooth, dental implants give patients the opportunity to gain renewed function and dramatically improved oral health overall. With many enjoying more than 30 years of service from their prostheses, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of this restorative solution. Before receiving treatment, patients need three important questions answered: is an implant my best treatment optionwhat do implants cost and how can I afford treatment?

Dr. Karl Heinzelmann and his team are dedicated to designing dental solutions for simple to complex cases using advanced procedures, such as 3-D guided implant placement, accessible for Roswell, Alpharetta, and our neighbors across North Atlanta. For more about the cost of dental implants, we invite you to read on and give our office a call today.

Dental implants in Roswell, GA from dual-specialty periodontist Dr. Karl Heinzelmann.Factors to Consider

There is much more that goes into implant treatment than the prosthesis itself. No two cases are alike, and determining your exact needs is essential for us to form an appropriate plan as well as provide you with a reasonable estimate.

Several factors influence cost of care, including:

  • Number of implants placed
  • Whether procedures are needed to improve bone quality before implant placement
  • Type of diagnostic imaging used
  • Technique used for placement

A comprehensive, full-mouth examination should be done before considering any treatment modality because there is always a reason why teeth are missing.  The same factors or forces that caused the original teeth to fail will still be present, and if these concerns go unaddressed, any future prosthesis will likely fail as well. It is extremely important to analyze the entire dentition to determine what modifications are necessary to increase the chances of success from a restorative procedure. Dr. Heinzelmann’s background in full-mouth reconstruction aids him in his diagnosis and treatment planning. He is also very observant when it comes to identifying the factors that lead to a restoration’s long-term success as well as those that, unfortunately, indicate a likelihood of failure.

A periodontist with Dr. Heinzelmann’s level of dual training is uniquely qualified to identify and address these various concerns before deciding on what type of restoration is appropriate.  Implants are an excellent choice for many cases, but sometimes other treatment alternatives are more appropriate. Various diagnostic approaches are used depending on the level of the case, including clinical evaluation, radiographs, a 3-D scan of the jaw, “virtual treatment planning" on a computer model, study models, and consulting with your dentist.

One of our primary objectives is making treatment planning decisions based on “cost-effectiveness.”  With the cost of traditional care on the rise, an implant is often a better and cheaper alternative to having multiple procedures done on a tooth.  An example of this is considering saving a tooth versus having it removed and replaced with an implant. If a tooth requires periodontal crown lengthening surgery, a root canal, post and core, followed by a crown, an implant may be less expensive and have a much better prognosis regarding longevity.

If implants are indicated, there are also two main approaches that can be used for placement, traditional and guided, each with different associated costs. With the traditional method, the location where the implant or implants are placed is determined at the time of the procedure.  By contrast, the guided technique involves using a surgical stent to place implants precisely in a pre-determined location.

3-D guided placement using CBCT technology at our Roswell practice.With experience performing both techniques, Dr. Heinzelmann prefers guided placement as the most accurate option for his patients. Using 3-D CAT scans to digitize the jawbone and visualize the implant site, he evaluates the factors and determines ideal positioning and restorative success in advance by designing the case and performing a “virtual surgery” on the computer model. The position of the implants on the computer model is used to precisely fabricate a surgical stent, or template, with a 3-D printer. This equipment also holds the handpiece at the time of implant placement for ultra-precise surgical insertion. This type of technique allows for much more accurate placement of the implant or implants when compared to the traditional, free-hand method.

While a single implant at our Roswell practice begins at $2450, this price changes if multiple implants or full-mouth reconstruction is recommended. The cost per implant generally decreases with the number of implants required. More significantly, our implant fee includes additional services at no charge that other offices would itemize and add to the cost of treatment, greatly increasing the final cost of the implant. Some of these costly add-ons include sinus lifts done at the time of implant placement, bone grafting around implants during placement, anesthesia fees, post-operative fees, sterilization fees, and many others.  

Though this practice of adding on fees makes it harder for the patient to make an accurate comparison of fees, they can expect our fees to be on the lower end of the scale. Ultimately, this provides the patient with maximum value as they receive implant placement performed with advanced 3-D techniques for less than most offices charge for the less accurate, free-hand method.

Cost fluctuates when utilizing advanced diagnostic equipment. We reduce the fee associated with the prostheses to help defray the expense of guided surgical technology. Our staff can discuss further arrangements as needed.

Long-Term Value over Treatment Alternatives


While fixed bridges or dentures may seem like appealing options because of their lower initial cost, it is important to recognize what other expenses may be associated with treatment.

The nature of bridges involves three teeth to resolve a single tooth concern. Patients with bridges may require multiple procedures to correct adverse effects from compromised abutment teeth or receding gum tissue. Dentures, unlike dental implants, do not impede the process of bone resorption. Between having poor-fitting dentures repeatedly replaced and receiving treatment for the health issues that occur as a result, care with these appliances can become quite expensive.

Compared with these options, dental implants represent a more cost-effective replacement solution that offers greater longevity.

Implant placement, especially when guided by 3-D imaging, is a highly successful procedure with long-lasting, positive impacts on oral health and dental aesthetics. With Dr. Heinzelmann’s extensive background in prosthetics and full-mouth reconstruction, he is uniquely qualified to help patients regain and maintain the ability to chew comfortably and smile confidently for years to come. 

Affording Dental Implants


Depending on your dental insurance plan, at least a portion of implant treatment may be covered. We are in-network with Cigna, Delta Dental, Aetna Extend, accept all other insurances.  Our staff will be more than happy to review coverage details with you. Should payments be necessary, we work with you to decide on a fair arrangement. More than our patient, you are a member of our family, and we encourage you to let us know how we can help.

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