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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery in Roswell, GA

People rarely consider the state of their periodontal health as a contributing factor in their dental appearance. However, this soft tissue forms the foundation of the smile, and many patients’ cosmetic concerns have a basis in impaired gingival condition. Using his experience and eye for esthetics, Dr. Karl Heinzelmann improves how teeth look by reinstating function and symmetry.

It is our privilege to help patients across Roswell, Alpharetta, and North Atlanta enjoy the benefits healthy, beautiful gums have to offer. To learn more about the cosmetic periodontal procedures we have available, get in touch with our office today!

Cosmetic periodontal surgery from Roswell periodontist, Dr. Karl Heinzelmann

How Does Periodontal Treatment Improve Esthetics?

One main reason patients seek cosmetic treatment is to regain a balanced, natural appearance. Along with addressing periodontal disease, tooth loss, and occlusal conditions, Dr. Heinzelmann helps patients understand the esthetic impact these problems have if left untreated. From here, he makes personalized recommendations that safeguard against recurring issues.

The following are areas our doctor addresses through cosmetic periodontal surgery:

Uneven Gum Line / Crown Lengthening – Commonly described as a “gummy smile,” discrepancies in root length and periodontal tissue cause some teeth to look shorter than others. In these cases, Dr. Heinzelmann performs crown lengthening to sculpt excess tissue in the area, revealing more of the natural tooth. This procedure is sometimes done before the front teeth are crowned for a more esthetic result.

Apart from its cosmetic benefits, this procedure also prevents gum disease from developing by establishing proper gingival shape and architecture, which promotes gingival health.

Tissue (Gingival) Grafting / Exposed Tooth Roots – Gingival recession, whether as a result of poor bite positioning (malocclusion) or periodontitis exposes a tooth’s roots. Not only does this situation make the tooth seem unnaturally long, but patients also experience increased sensitivity and are at higher risk for tooth loss. Areas of recession (root exposure) have lost bone and exhibit deficiencies in the connective tissue layer that protects the tooth from bacterial penetration.

Tissue grafting is a surgical procedure wherein Dr. Heinzelmann attempts to rebuild lost tissue by transplanting healthy tissue from the donor site to the affected area (the recipient site).  Depending on the case, other types of graft materials, such as Alloderm, can be used to avoid the need for a donor site procedure.

There are different types of grafting techniques depending on the case type, and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Our periodontist conducts connective tissue grafting in the recession site, restoring this essential barrier against bacterial infection alongside a healthy dental appearance.

Frenum Removal (Frenectomy) - This is a minor procedure to remove the frenum, which is a tissue attachment from the underside of the lip that extends from and attaches to the gingival tissue near the neck of the tooth. Over time, this frenum pull can destroy tissue, causing recession and the need for tissue grafts.

Dental implants and pre-prosthetic surgery in Roswell, GAImplants to Replace Missing Teeth - Missing teeth cause a shift in occlusion and an alteration of facial appearance. Unrestored areas increase occlusal forces on nearby teeth, accelerating their potential for failure as well.  Over time, these changes in dentition can affect your facial symmetry and appearance.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery / Unnatural Indentations, Missing Bone, Soft Tissue Defects - Over time, bone and soft tissue resorption occur in areas of the alveolar ridge affected by tooth loss. This process creates indentations in the gums due to bone loss that not only look unsightly but can make implant placement challenging if left untreated. By modifying the ridge through grafting and other surgical techniques, Dr. Heinzelmann restores the bones’ and gums’ natural contours.

This concept is also used as part of pre-prosthetic ridge augmentation, establishing a stable base of gingival tissue to improve placement success and promote esthetically-pleasing outcomes.

The procedures available at our Roswell practice produce compelling results on their own as well as play an integral role in multi-faceted cosmetic and restorative treatment plans. Following periodontal surgery, options such as crowns or veneers gain greater longevity and improved appeal.

In addition to being a well-established periodontist, Dr. Heinzelmann specializes in implantology. With this unique perspective, he ensures there is a harmonious esthetic established between a patient’s dental implant and the underlying soft tissue. 

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At our practice, we believe that promoting wellness involves establishing greater self-esteem along with a higher quality of both periodontal and overall oral health.

Periodontics and Dental Implants of Roswell offers cosmetic periodontal surgery for patients throughout Roswell, Alpharetta, and North Atlanta. For more information about these treatments and how we can improve the beauty of your smile, schedule a consultation today!


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